Our main activities will be a combination of the structured training courses for teachers and a job shadowing scheme for the course director. Our receiving organisation York Associates will host four of our senior teachers in three different training courses dedicated to improvement of key competences in the areas targeted for development  (teaching methodology, use of new technologies and proficient use of English in the classroom), and they will also organise a job shadowing scheme to provide for the improvements in the competences of the course director. In addition, the hosting organisation will provide help and support to our organisation  in pre-training and post-training phases, as well as monitoring during their training placement.

Our main project activities will develop along the following calendar:

Preparation of the project

Period: 1st June – 30th July 2018

Moving through the important logistic activities on one side, on the other side we will work closely with the host organisation in order to ensure the maximum benefits of our Mobility experience.


In the preparation phase, nothing will be left to chance,: the visa application process will be managed by the project manager, who has considerable experience in this area, while all other arrangements – both logistics and those related to maximising  the Mobility impact will be dealt with in a thorough and time efficient manner, with an appropriate distribution of tasks among participants.


In regular meetings, project team will define ways to improve training impact; topics of methodology, use of new technologies and effective use of English in delivery of courses will be discussed, pinpointing issues resolve through our training; project manager will deliver a presentation of the selected training courses, focusing the staff on maximum performance;


Individual development plans will make it clear how the learning outcomes will benefit participants, students and organisation; in contacts with our host, we will get key directions in preparation for the training programme; our teachers will conduct interviews with adult learners and our client companies, learning more motivation factors and trainee’s needs; participants will prepare presentations about major inter-cultural and practical issues for our mobility, which will be incorporated into a handbook for particpants; we will organise a meeting to define ways of establishing collaboration with other participant organisations and making useful links to share examples of good pracitces.

Mobility phase

Period: 30th July – 3rd August 2018

The central phase of our project – Mobility courses organised by York Associates in York, UK:

1) Job shadowing (participant: Mr Lj, Vasojević, course director)

2) Methodology – Spice Up Your Teaching Ideas (participants: Miss M. Sredojević and Mrs M. Ćendić, senior teachers)

3) ICT Making Use of Technology Tools (participant: Mrs I. Grujović, senior teacher)

4) Fluency and English Language Development for Teachers (participant: Mr I. Petrić, senior teacher)

During Mobility phase, the project team will add elements to the plan for the follow-up phase of the project, in order to maximise the impact of the dissemination of the knowledge generated in the previous phases.

Follow-up phase

Period: 20th August 2018 – 20th May 2019

The most important activities in this phase are related to actual implementation of the gained competences by the project participants, developing at several layers: starting from the classroom and delivery of courses and extending to internal training scheme (sharing the knowledge and competences with other members of staff) and beyond, to  external events included in the plans for dissemination of the competences and good practices earned in the project. In addition, the project team will undertake activities to promote the K1 Mobility Erasmus+ experience, including social networking, posting presentations on EPALE and live presentations delivered at events organised  by language teaching professionals.